5 key activities you can do for remote team building

Team building looks different these days. With more people than ever working from home, it’s important to keep your team engaged even when you’re apart.  In an office you can stop and chat with your colleagues in the hallway, gather together for lunch, and plan an impromptu happy hour together for some team bonding.

With so many people working from home, the serendipity of getting to know each other in and outside of the office is less likely. It’s important to maintain your company culture and sense of community during this time and without considering how to keep the culture strong, you could lose it, and potentially lose employees who don’t feel engaged or valued.

Remote team building requires more intention to foster a connected team but it’s worth the investment of time and money.  A connected team and a positive company culture is more important than ever. A team that plays together, stays together, someone probably once said.  Keep morale high and keep your team energized with these five key activities you can do for remote team building.

1. Have a Classic Game Night on Video Conference

Get together (virtually) for a classic game night for some fun remote team building. Many card and board games, from Codenames to Monopoly  to Uno have an online version that everyone can log into from home. Use video conferencing to connect and see each other while you play. Find a list of games here and have your team choose their favorites for game night.

2. Mix It Up in a Virtual Cocktail Class

Start happy hour early and learn how to make cocktails in an online cocktail class or whip up something in a virtual cooking class. (Yes, eating and drinking together counts as team building.) Bartenders and chefs across the world are teaching classes that can be catered to the tastes of your team and ingredients are shipped right to your door. Some of them even include bonus virtual team building content to help your team learn more about each other during the class. Of course, if you have any expert mixologists or chefs on staff, you can have them teach the class and send an ingredient list out beforehand.

3. Let a Professional Host Help You Go Remote

Leave it to the experts to plan and run your remote team building event and then your entire team can relax and enjoy the fun. Weve offers engaging game formats, complete with a live professional host. Each game has different rounds including  trivia, puzzles, fact match, pictionary, karaoke, and more to appeal to introverts and extroverts.

Their events are perfectly paced and will connect your group of 5 to 5000+ in completely new and innovative ways.

4. Get Creative Together

Let your team’s creativity flow while engaging in some virtual team building. Wine and paint nights were popular in bars across the country for post-work happy hours, so why not do those together, but apart? From pottery to painting, there are plenty of artistic activities for a bonding break. Mail everyone the supplies or send out a list of what they need. Then, log into a video conference, throw on some music, and start creating. At the end have everyone show off their piece in a virtual art show. (Bonus points if your entire team dresses up like Bob Ross for your event.)

5. Sweat it Out with Group Fitness

Start off the day with a high energy kickboxing class or wind down together  with a chill yoga session. There are plenty of online classes and ideas to connect your team through fitness. Or, let people workout on their own schedule.

Start a fitness challenge to encourage your team to get moving and offer prizes for the most steps walked or days of working out. Then when you’re back in the office, your company kickball team will be ready to rock!

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